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A new way to buy glasses

VisionHub's kiosk


VisionHub is an innovative solution that brings eyecare solutions to your DOORSTEP. We are setting up kiosks in many different areas where you will be able to buy eyeglasses and sunglasses fitted to your OWN prescription. After having placed your order you just need to wait for a few days before receiving your products in your mailbox.

In addition to the KIOSK, we created a dedicated ONLINE presence so that you will be able to consult, modify or complete your PURCHASE in order not to only have the in-store physical kiosks.

If you ever have any QUESTIONS you can always reach our customer’s service by mail, phone or live CHAT or you can also come and have a talk on our SOCIAL media pages. We'll be more than happy to answer them.


Launched in 2014, VisionHub is an ambitious start-up initiative supported by a team of deep track record people dedicated to EXECUTION. With its PARTNERS VisionHub grows up fast to develop its products as well as its services to propose an all-in-one TURNKEY solution.

The development of the company relies on a line of INNOVATION and effectiveness. After ONLY one year of R&D VisionHub is now proud to offer YOU its innovative retail solution that will make consumers LIFE EASIER.

VisionHub’s DNA has always been DISRUPTIVE. The firm aims to create a new way of THINKING in order to break the rules and bring more convenience to our customers.


VisionHub’s mission is to bring eyecare solutions where lots of boundaries still make solutions tricky for the local customer.

The firm’s mission is also to ensure that our service and products are the HIGHEST QUALITY and provide entire SATISFACTION to our consumers to build a trustful relationship.

VisionHub's kiosk